There knowing I have you. Anthony walks

Add the Hydroxocobalamin. It will take around 15 minutes to get all of it in your system. I'm not sure about this. You have no choice! You need to trust me! I go to the drawer where I took the syringe and pull out a tube, attaching a needle to the end. I grab a full intravenous bag winnipeg personal trainer and place it onto a holder and pull it over to Anthony's side, attaching the long tube which extends to the needle. I pull over Anthony's hand and gently press over his hand looking for a prominent vein, finding one near the centre of his hand. You may feel a sharp scratch baby, I'm sorry. I push the needle into the vein and check the drip chamber. Using the syringe, I draw out 5mg of Hydroxocobalamin and inject it into the injection port. I disemble the syringe and throw it away, turning to Alex. Anthony should be okay winnipeg personal trainer but we need to keep him covered while it's getting into his system. Okay, I'll keep an eye out. I get a fresh syringe and needle and put it with the vial of Hydroxocobalamin before walking over to the medicine cabinet looking for a syringe case. There isn't one there so I go back to Anthony's cubicle and search through the draws. I find a case in the bottom draw and put the vial and syringe in it and zipping it up. Sera, I think someone winnipeg is coming. Already? It's only been five minutes. I know but we need to move. I don't think we can without effecting Anthony. Play it cool for now. I doubt they will know were supposed to be in that bunker. The curtain is pulled back and a short pee women is standing behind it in a white lab coat. She looks to be in her late fifties with short, silver curled bouffant hair. I'm terribly sorry! I just wanted to check everything was okay. We don't get that many in here. Anthony is resting on the bed, his skin an off shade of pink. We're alright, thank you madam. Alex addresses the lady as I turn around and look at her. google It was just a hard task and Anthony got hit. Okay my dears. The woman looks me up and down. Dear, do you need... some clothes? We have patient robes if you would like a set. Yes please. The woman walks over to a supply cupboard and pulls out a set of white patient robes and handing them to me. I'll be down the hall if you need anything else. I nod and pull on the nylon trousers and shirt, checking Anthony's drip as the woman pulls the curtains back to a close. Alex, five more minutes should do it. Alright. Collect anything we may need and let's get out of here. I walk over the medicine cupboard and open it, going inside and turning on the light. There are shelves of medical care items from sick trays to complete first aid kits. I pick up a complete first aid kit and open it. It contains dressings, creams, lotions. You name it, it has it. I zip it back up and carry it under my arm out of the cupboard and back to Anthony. This should come in handy. Anthony how are you feeling? Rough but stable. Good, that drip winnipeg personal trainer should cover you until we can get that kill switch out. All of a sudden the red lights on the walls begin to flash and sirens begin to piece our ears. Over a megaphone we hear Veronica.